We are inspired by our testimonials and hope you are too. 

“Having a quantitative testing method that relies on neurology and biomechanics promises to be a game changer in our industry and provides a leap forward from current testing practices.”

-Garrison Draper 
VP Player Health and Performance, Philadelphia Union

2020 MLS Supporter’s Shield Champions, 2021 MLS Cup Playoffs 

"I’ve tried so many different shoes to balance me and help relieve the strain I felt in my arthritic knees. Spent hundreds of dollars because I really needed shoes I could walk, dance and stand in. Nothing has ever given my the immediate gratification and comfort until Dr. Von M. Homer took me through the assessment and recommended the right brand and type!"

- Chestnut, Middletown, DE

  "My gait was thrown off and I’ve had much chiropractic treatment but I finally found the right shoes to improve my posture, gait and quality of life. Thank you Dr. Homer!"  -Cyn, Philadelphia, PA 

"I want to send a very special Thank You to the team at HX Innovations. A little over 16 years ago I had bunion surgery on both feet. After surgery, it has been a journey, a very difficult one trying to stay motivated to work out, enjoy activities with my family.  Walking and running was very painful for me. Fast forward now. I recently did a study with the team at HX Innovations and my life changed forever. I was given not only a pair of shoes but also an insert that goes in the shoe. It has been a while since I have worn any shoes that felt comfortable and not give me pain or discomfort. The excitement and gratitude I have is unspeakable." - Shawnette, Odessa, DE

“This technology will allow us the unique opportunity to identify physical deficiencies and create individualized programs to strengthen our athletes.”

-Kevin Coleman

Technical Director Sporting Delaware


"The next morning after my assessment I was so motivated to exercise I decided to go for a walk. That day I walked over a mile and I can’t remember the last time that I could not only walk that far but walk that distance without my feet hurting. It has now been over a month and I have not missed a day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the amazing team at HX Innovations. You have helped to give me my life back." - Mar'y, Middletown, DE