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Our Vision is to become the New Standard for footwear performance testing through one-of-a-kind neuromuscular performance and comfort testing. 

There’s not much in the way of privacy anymore. Open Facebook or Instagram at any time of the day, and you will find an ad or 20 perfectly tailored to you, the user, based on the meticulous collection of data from your online movements. It can be troublesome. But what if the same concept could be applied to your real-life movements for the betterment of your health? Enter Middletown, Delaware’s Dr. Von Homer. Dr. Homer’s biotech startup, Hx Innovations Inc.®—the first-of-its-kind in Delaware—aims to map a client’s body to ensure that his or her biomechanics (body movements) and neuromuscular work align with the individual’s chosen footwear to not only mitigate or avoid future injury, but also to fulfill movement goals, be it run a marathon or walk around the block with a grandchild. Hx Innovations® also works directly with footwear manufacturers as a science-backed testing lab that can determine the efficiency of movement and the performance and endurance threshold of the footwear being sold to consumers. 


“We’re kind of like a footwear consumer report on steroids,” says Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Homer. “We’ve combined my layered background in pedorthics, kinesiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, and ergonomics to solve a problem from the feet up.” The problem being, one size does not fit all. Via the patent pending Homer Technique®, Homer and his team of scientists and researchers have cultivated propriety software and testing protocols that test human movement efficiencies and tie precise human factor data into footwear performance standards with a vision to decrease the statistic that over 60% of runners and walkers experience a foot and/or ankle injury. 


According to Statista, American consumers contribute over 50 percent to the $180 million global footwear market. The same report cites about 16 percent of Americans say they bought their shoes from an online retailer, suggesting many shoes in many closets throughout the country were bought on looks alone. With Hx Innovations® on the rise, the trend could become obsolete; instead, consumers would choose a shoe based on the precise HX science attached to it.


“We want to change the game completely,” says Co-Founder/COO Nicole Homer. “We want to reform the standard and idea of footwear because what we wear on our feet is important and allows us to maintain alignment and stability, which leads to feeling younger for longer, and allows us to sustain the lifetime of movement we all deserve.”


"Foot first: Middletown husband-and-wife team kicks off first-of-its-kind tech startup", Delaware Live

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