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To become the “New Standard” for the human performance testing industry through one-of-a-kind neuromotor analysis.


Hx Innovations® Sports Science is a sports health tech company that uses the power of camera technology with our exclusive movement analytics to measure muscle activity and physical performance, and assess knee injury risk. 

Painful life experiences after the recovery from a traumatic leg injury encountered during his first football season as a college freshman in 2000 moved founder and lead scientist Dr. Von Homer, Ph.D to explore and research biomechanical functions, limitations, and abilities of lower extremities.  In 2013, his research and experience led him to begin the development of The Homer Technique assessment. This neuromuscular biomechanical evaluation was designed to characterize distal lower extremity balance through internal and external work distribution to determine one’s probability for injury. In the hopes of helping other people avoid injury by encouraging balance and comfort, several discussions with close friends and colleagues encouraged Dr. Homer to explore options of building out supporting technology and services around this innovative evaluation.

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After various transitions of ideas and circumstances, the neuroergonomics and biomechanic research, technology and testing company, Hx Innovations, Inc. was formed and Co-Founded with Nicole Homer, MBA in June 2019.  Since then, Hx and it’s leadership team have been published in several high profile business articles, won several awards and grants, leader keynote speaking engagements including a TedxWilmington talk, and has serviced several teams such as the Miami Heat, The New England Patriots, The 76ers G-League the Delaware BlueCoats, Caravel Academy Varsity Soccer, Sporting Delaware Soccer Club, St. Vincent St. Mary’s, and more!



Meet the dedicated team of HX Innovation who share the vision

and values of our community!

Dr. Von Homer, Ph.D, AEP, BOCPD

Founder and Chief Scientific and Executive Officer

Dr. Von Homer, Ph.D, AEP, BOCPD

Dr. Homer is a neuromotorist with a Ph.D in computational neuroscience, has authored patents in footwear and digital health; consulted with high profile footwear brands, practiced and taught in the field of biomechanics, gait, orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthics for over 15 years to include a clinical appointment at the National Institutes of Health. He currently holds a research appointment at Delaware State University and Western University Medical School of Physical Therapy.

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Software Engineer and Technology Lead

Trevor Wilkins

Mr. Wilkins is a graduate of computer science. Trevor works primarily as a full-stack web developer, using React and Firebase. In the past, he has developed tabletop map-making web software to help DM games of Dungeons and Dragons, which was a project that taught him a lot about the nature of JavaScript and its use. Trevor is known to enter into situations with no prerequisite knowledge, break down the problem and come out the other side with a solution, if only through patience and careful study. He works with our database technologies to build platforms that can hold large amounts of easily accessible data.




Research Partners


50+ years of scientific & Business expertise

julie honor.jpeg

Julie Honor

Advising from Chicago, IL with a focus on business positioning and strategy, and organization design.

curtis .jpeg

Curtis Jenkins, PMP, MBA

 Advising from Philadelphia with a focus on best practice technology, cost optimization and revenue growth. 

joe brilliant .jpeg

Joe Brilliant

Advising from Wilmington, DE, with a focus on startup strategy, capital raise, and healthtech commercialization.

royce warrick .jpeg

Royce Warrick

Advising from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey with a focus on strategic growth, business alignment, and collaborative partnerships.

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