Hx Innovations, Inc.® is a neuroergonomics testing and bio technology company.

With a focus to help coaches and trainers safeguard against athlete foot and ankle injuries, our movement analytics and machine learning risk reporting provides actionable data insights to help teams keep their players playing.  


Personalized solutions to safeguard against injury.

Using our patent-pending and third party validated Homer Technique, our camera based collection allows movement analytics to be collected in different environments. Our machine learning reporting platforms are informed through our database of millions of specific leg, knee, foot, and ankle samples from across various populations.   Our scoring methods provide insights on muscle stability, balance, fatigue and movement efficacy. 


Sports Teams and Athletes:

  • Advance athlete performance programs

  • Monitor player readiness and fatigue

  • Enhance player profiles

  • Manage athletic exposures

  • Reduce overuse injuries

  • Decrease rehabilitation time

  • Magnify health and wellness education


Footwear Design and Engineering:

  • Precise engineering for performance and endurance

  • Enhance design standards for fit and function

  • Substantiate human performance claims

  • Optimize material usage and sustainability    

Healthcare Providers:

  • Advance rehabilitation

  • Risk screening

  • Optimize mobility

  • Enhance accuracy of diagnosis

  • Magnify health and wellness education

  • Personalize treatment design


Our Mission is to empower teams with data-driven solutions to optimize movement, safety, and wellness for athletes.

Business Meeting

Meet the Team


Nicole Homer, MBA

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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Dr. Michael Norris, DPM

Member, Clinical Scientist


Aaron Griffith, MSc

Data Analysts

Trevor Wilkins

Software Engineer


Von Homer, Ph.D., AEP, BOCPD™

Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer

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